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"25 Things That Really Matter In Life"

A Quick and Comprehensive Guide To Making Your Life Better—Today!"
By Gary A. Johnson

"25 Things That Really Matter In Life" will help you identify your natural gifts and how to use them to feel better about yourself. Gary Johnson uses worksheets to outline the principles of Life Mastery to cleanse your mind of all the dysfunctional thoughts that have accumulated over the years. Practicing Life Mastery will allow you to develop yourself to be the best "you" that you can be for yourself, family and friends.

Control the quality of your life by making "25 Things That Really Matter In Life" a part of your daily living. This book was written for people who have some sense of needing to make changes in their life, but do not know how to do it.

Title:              "25 Things That Really Matter In Life"
Author:          Gary A. Johnson
ISBN:             978-0-9791113-0-3 | 0-9791113-0-7
Price:             $9.95
Pub. Date:     April 1, 2008
Genre:           Inspirational/Self-Help
Audience:     Trade, Ages 18 and up
Page Count: 76
Time Size:     5.5 x 8.5
Binding:         Trade Paperback
Web site:


"Gary Johnson has taken his personal pain and turned it into the power to share home truths.  His list of the things we need for a fulfilling and successful life will be confirmation for some, a reminder for others, and a much-needed wake-up call for still another group of readers.  This is a great gift for people at life’s crossroads, and for those looking for a tool to guide them through self-exploration."

Dr. Julianne Malveaux
President, Bennett College for Women
Economist, Author & Commentator

"Gary Johnson has written a book that will encourage you, inspire you and empower you for greater personal and professional success!  It will help you do more, be more and achieve more! Read it and then re-read it!  You will be glad you did!"

Willie Jolley
Best Selling Author of "It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life" and "A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback"

"Finally a person who has a plan for success that is accessible, tested and proven. Gary's words implore you to make moves toward success and he gives you the clear tools to be a winner. Plus it is never ever a bad thing to learn about success from someone who is actually successful. Bravo Gary for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!" 

LaDawn Black, relationship expert, radio personality and the author of Stripped Bare

“Johnson packs a powerful punch with this practical guide designed to quick-start your journey to a more meaningful and healthier life in just three steps. From faith, family, and love to wealth building, giving, and more, the book encourages readers to make these twenty-five key aspects a priority in everyday life, providing valuable tips and worksheets along the way. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to map out what is most important to you, what you really want to do before you die, and apply what you’ve learned to live the best life possible."

Tammy Richards-LeSure
Richards Public Relations

"A great read for anyone contemplating the things that really matter in life.  Lean, mean, and full of wisdom."

Jonathan Luckett, nationally acclaimed author of "The Mating Game," "The Forever Game," "Dissolve," and "Jasminium"

"Phenomenal. I read every word and my conclusion is this is a great book to help people who are talented but lost their way."
Dr. Jerry "Doc" Semper
Semper Associates Coaching Academy


Unheard Voices, Untold Stories...Until Now

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